Frequently Asked Question

Who is Sell My Car GB?

Sell My Car GB Is a car buying company located in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Our objective is simple: to give customers the best price for their car. For long we have felt many car buying companies are short changing customers by giving them less than their car is really worth. We will change that and our team of expert car valuers will study the second hand car market in real time to give you the most accurate price for your car.

Are My Personal Details Safe with you?

The site holds the latest Class 3 Secure Server 1024 bit certificate supplied by VeriSign CA. Any information you share with us, will be carried out within secure areas of this site only and is encrypted safely and securely. No details are passed to 3rd party companies.

Why do you need my telephone number and email ?

Email addresses are requried as valuations are sent to your email address. We ask for your telephone in case we need to clarify any details to give you the best offer. We work in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act and will not share any of your personal details to any other third party.

How do I add extra information that is vital to value my car?

If you wish to add any further information you feel is relevant to the vehicles value we have offered a manual entry text box where any additional information can be added and will be taken into account when valuing your car.

Can you collect and pay for the vehicle in the evenings and/or at weekends?

Yes, we can collect any time during the week except Sundays.

Is there a cost to your service?

No, we don't not charge admin fees. The full quoted price is what you will receive.

What if I miss a scratch/or dent on my car?

Our valuation is based on the description that you provide. Once you have decided to sell your vehicle a member of our team will contact you to confirm the information you have given us. If your appraisal does not match the condition of your vehicle upon collection we may have to revalue your car accordingly. If there is a decrease in the value of your car, this amount will be deducted from the balance that we transfer into your bank account.

I do not have a V5 registration document?

For us to buy your car, we will need your original V5 document (the car must be registered in your own name and address). If you do not have a V5 document you can obtain one by filling in a form V62 which are available to download from the DVLA or alternatively you can pick one up at the post office.

Do you buy insurance write offs (Category C and D)?

Yes, we buy any cars and will value Insurance write offs accordingly

I am happy with the offer and would like to proceed to sell my car?

Brilliant news, simply reply to your email offer with your contact details and one of our team will contact you within 2 hours to discuss the next stage.

How long does my purchase offer remain in effect?

Offres are guranteed for 7 days. If this time expires, all you need to do is request a quick update quote adn you;ll get another instant valuation

When Will I Get Paid?

Our bank transfers are usually instant will be in your bank account within 2 hours before we take your car. Once we have agreed a price for your car that you are happy with, we will arrange to come to you and collect it. This normally happens the next day, sometimes we are able to get to you the same day. Our professional drivers will collect your car and make the relevant paperwork and vehicle checks, this usually only takes a few minutes. Once this is complete we pay you by secure bank transfer. The collection driver will wait with you until the cleared funds are safely in your bank account. The whole process typically takes around 30 minutes from the drivers arrival to you having the cash securely in your bank account.

Will you attempt to take the car before payment has been sent?

No. We will not attempt to collect the vehicle until the balance has been paid to the relevant instructed bank account or a genuine bank draft has been handed to the seller.

I am not the owner of the vehicle, will you pay money into my bank account?

No. We can only pay monies to the legal owner of the vehicle. If you are acting as an agent on behalf of the owner then we will only make payment to the legal owners instructed bank account.

What If I Have outstanding finance on my car?

We can take care of any outstanding finance on your car. All we ask is that you arrange for the finance company to send us a settlement figure. We will pay this off in full on collection of your car. Any balance is transferred into your bank account at the same time. If you owe more on the finance than your car is worth, you can pay us the difference by credit or debit card. We need to clear the finance in full as we are unable to sell a car with finance owing on it. You can pay the finance off yourself, but we would need to then wait for the car to be cleared on the relevant security websites such as HPI & Experian before we could purchase your car. Clearing the finance yourself could delay the sale of your vehicle by a week or two.

Who gains the final outstanding finance settlement figure?

We automatically check each vehicle for any outstanding finance agreements registered against it, using either HPI and/or experian data check(s). We will then contact the relevant finance company and negotiate the settlement due figure on your behalf. We may require additional information from you. We will always supply you with copies of financial information we hold about you and your vehicle including outstanding finance settlement figures